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How Zero-E works  
tick Heat generated from the air-con system to cool the indoor environment is used  
tick Zero E utilises this heat that is emitted into environment to heat up water for any usage with max temperature of up to 76 Degree Celsius  
tick Adaptable to any existing air-con and water heater system, no replacement of new components is required  
tick Installation is direct and safe as Zero-E requires no additional electrical connection  
tick Get the best of both worlds when the room is cooled to a comfortable level while providing hot water for refreshing showers  
Benefits of Zero-E  
tick Save Up to 70% Electricity Cost
By “Turning On” your air-con system to produce hot water than “Switching On” your instantaneous
water heater.
tick Enjoy Best of Both World
Cold air and hot water shower with Zero-E’s energy savings features.
tick Innovative Efficiency
Zero-E increases air-con system efficiency by 20%; high COP means high energy efficiency and savings.
tick Free of Maintenance Cost
Zero-E requires no maintenance while prolonging the working condition of air-con system when cooler air is emitted from the condenser unit.
tick Conserving our Environment
Zero-E protects our precious Earth by reducing 80% of carbon emission emitted by air-con system into the atmosphere.