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1. Is there any warranty for Zero E water heater system?

  • Yes. Our company 1 Year on our Zero E smart water heater system

2.What are the benefits from Zero E installation?

  • From business owners to home-makers, Zero E brings along many benefits while you switch to the “green-hat”. Lifespan and efficiency of the air-con condenser is also prolonged and enhanced as hot air emissions are reduced by 80%.
  • The heat from the air-con condenser is re-utilised to produce hot water, thus saving you the high energy cost when using the conventional electric water-heater system.
  • Hence, you get the best of both worlds when the room is cooled to a comfortable level while providing hot water for refreshing showers.
  • Essentially, you can fulfill the responsibility of alleviating global warming problems by reducing the carbon footprint emission through installing Zero E!
3. How can Zero E save money for my company or home?

For business premises to homes which has the conventional electric water heater system installed, Zero E will be able to provide the savings in energy by re-utilizing the waste heat from air-con condenser to produce hotwater for application used in

  • Hotels & serviced-apartment, Spa & Resort facilities, Sports Recreation & Clubhouse, F&B facilities, Industrial manufacturing , Hostel & Hospital facilities.

Residential properties such as landed developments to high-rise apartments and HDB units have also benefited from Zero E’s unique technology on energy savings. Hence, you no longer need to rely on the conventional water heater system that consumes large amount of energy when it is constantly switched on.
Please refer to our “Product Page” for estimated cost of savings calculations.

4.What is the additional equipment required for the Zero E installation?

No additional equipment is required as Zero E can function similarly like a tankless Instant Water Heater when it is connected to the Air-Con system.
For customer who has existing Water Tank installed in your property, Zero E can be connected to your Water Tank for longer storage and usage of hot water.
(Please note that electricity power is no longer required for the existing Water Tank System)

5. What is the time required to install Zero E?

Depending on your requirement and configuration, usually the installation will be done within 1-2 day. Please feel free to contact us for further clarifications.

6.What is the average lifespan of Air-Con and storage water heater

If your air conditioner is installed correctly, or if major installation problems are found and fixed, it will perform efficiently for 2-3 years with only minor routine maintenance.
However, with the installation of modern energy-efficient air conditioners can perform almost as poorly as older inefficient models.perform almost as poorly as older inefficient models.

7. Difference between Zero E and instantaneous electric water heater


Cooling of Room

Energy Consumption (based on Electrical Water Heater)

Lifespan of Air-Con

Hot air discharge from Air-Con

Cooling efficiency of Air-Con

Zero E heater




Reduce Global Warming


Electrical heater



No Effect

No Effect

No Effect

8.  How much AC usage operation/duration needs to supply adequate hot water.

12000Btu AC can provide for 43 degree hot water instantly and continually (water flow=130L/Hr)

9. Will the hot water supply instant or need a certain waiting time,

No waiting time is required when Zero E is not connected to any Water Tank storage system.

10. What is the max hot water temperature?

If the system is connected with storages tank, the Max temperature can be up to 76 Celsius degree